Reviews Maya Homburger

Solo performances

"It is partly the subtle flexibilities of her rhythmic approach that breathes life into these scores; one should also mention the beautiful sound she gets from the violin, a sound which seems to bloom in the acoustic of St. Ann’s. "In her hands the "period instrument" becomes the only one that allows the music to communicate fully." (Douglas Sealy, Irish Times 6. March 2001)

Her music was full of poetry and fantasy and came across as fluently and as lightly as thought itself. Her playing of Biber’s Passacaglia, 64 repetitions of a four-note descending bass line over which the music spins out and elaborates itself like smoke, was filled with freedom, balance and momentum." (Stephen Pedersen , Halifax Nov. 1999)
"....The highlight for me in the Dublin musical calendar this year were the two concerts of Bach solo violin music by Maya Homburger in St. Ann’s. And then, she played as an encore, a piece by Barry Guy. She played it brilliantly, and she can do both things. That is the kind of musician that is needed to complement the kind of impresario who has a vision. If you put those two together, you are going to win." (Gerald Barry )

"The instrument alone is powerless, but controlled by one for whom it seems a natural extension of the voice, it translates the printed notes into sounds that transcend their origins. You have to be a virtuoso to perform this music, but if you have the soul of a virtuoso all is lost, for then the music takes second place to display. Maya Homburger does not interpose her personality between Bach and the listener, but strives to convey all that the composer intended. We cannot know exactly what that was, but I think the audience in St. Ann’s church on Sunday experienced this music to the full.... These works for solo violin have , in the performance we heard, a sense of the highest that can be seen as an act of worship." (Douglas Sealy, Irish Times, Feb. 1999)